The Jake Paulers are Jake Pauls fans, their mentally insane and probably just left insane asylums, I would rather live in a world like outlast 1 or 2, which b the way is a world were murder is every corner than live in a world of mentally retarded people listening to faggots like Jake Paul or "Jakey" this dude does not have any understanding of life, he has a "Disney flow" which doesn't matter because TV is dead and he can be Elsa's boyfriend, his fans are worse shitty raps he does and it makes no god damn sense. If I had a child and he was watching Jake Paul I'd say your losing brain cells don't waste your time, but many people seem to waste the money on a fag like him, his fans also have no understanding of geography because England is a country not a city... If your a fan of him I'm surprised your passing school, managing to do work, or even have any brain cells left.
Jake Paulers, the lonely girls and underage children that watch Jake Paul, they believe in everything he says, but in reality he's just another viner that should've died with vine...
by JerkingoffRex July 21, 2017
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It’s when you lose all brain power and turn very dumb and say very dumb things and can’t prove that Jake Paul is a great person
Jake paulers say that Jake Paul is more famous than you when fame never mattered
by S8terboi87 February 27, 2018
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Another word for being retarded, People called this tend to be spastic so stay away from them
Bro, Jonny's been acting weird lately
Ohh, he's a jake pauler
by OurOwnFather October 07, 2017
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A Jake Pauler is what Jake Paul calls his 8 year old fans. No one likes these autists as even their families want to disown them. These Jake Paulers are cringy as fuck and like to be dickheads to anyone who is not a retarded follower of Jake Paul. They like to dab on "haters", (dabbing has been dead for years kys) and get bullied at school. Fuck the jake Paulers.
Little Jimmy: "Im a Jake Pauler, dab on the haters!"
Jimmy's dad: "Son, how old are you again, are you old enough to leave the house yet?"
Little Jimmy: "Im 8 dad!"
Jimmy's dad: "What, you said you were 18? Get the fuck out."
by WhetOne April 23, 2018
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A group of children who particularly adore and support, the egotistical Jake Paul.
The older they are, the more disturbed they can get. So remember please speak to them with caution. And please know that they're too ill to change.
Jakepaulers proved to make up the majority of the mentally challenged in the U.S 😱
by Mylittlepanda98 August 01, 2017
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