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An amazing chocolate friend. He is beautiful and the world needs him yet doesn’t deserve him. Jahnari is the best. We love Jahnari!
Dumb b*tch: Who’s your best friend?
Me, an intellectual: Jahnari duh! If ya ain’t wit it, get wit it! Periodt pooh!
by Jahnari July 14, 2019
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meaning: God's flower (a girl's name)
she is very full of personality and is very bubbly. she will stop at nothing to make a person laugh by doing goofy things. she tends on getting her own way.she is also very beautiful inside and out and is a people's person willing to make friends at any time. if you ever me a jahnari you will have the most epic friendship
jahnari is so look nice!
by anna condaa September 22, 2015
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