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Jahkira is brown skin multi talented Queenđź‘‘
I advise you not to mess with her because she will drag you

If you are her friend She Ride or die for you and fight for you

But if you got a problem she’s gonna drag you and or swing at you

She is always asking people if you wanna fight but usually is playing
Also about her looks Jahkira is a sexy,gorgeous,
cute brown skin jawn
If you look into her eyes you can’t look back out people usually do the most to get her attention

But she can have any guy if she wants
Girl:Why can I be like Jahkira everyone likes and wants to be her.

Guy:Damn Jahkira look sexy as always.
by pyt_cutie May 29, 2018
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First let’s start off Jahkira is the most unique person you’ll ever met and if you lose her that’s that.
Jahkira is talented,beautiful,charming,but if she had to she will be disrespectful,rude,and will fight.
When Jahkira says she will do something she will and if she doesn’t it would be a hella good reason why she didn’t.

Let me also mention Jahkira is extremely smart and she will only go and want to go to the best of the best schools.
Jahkira has the best family and friends by her side always so if you stop being friends with her you just lost somoone real special.
Jahkira can And will fight when necessary but if it’s an irrelevant issue or problem she won’t.
Jahkira is a Queen and her children would be princes and princesses.
Jahkira has a sexy smile and body and no one would ever change her and that.Her smile and laughter could light up anyone’s day or night.Her body is one of a kind and can only be experienced by someone.
Boy 1:I wish I can have Jahkira body and personality all for myself.
Boy 2:You know Jahkira doesn’t want you she only wants the best of the best
by pyt_cutie July 19, 2018
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