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The term is generally recognised as an Indian name. A Jagruti is generally the most caring person you can ever know. With the personality comes one of the most beautiful women you'll see. They'll always find a way to make you smile and no matter what they will always stay loyal. They also have a nack for being able to converse with ANYONE which means they can make anyone feel important. Knowing a Jagruti can change your life because they will single handedly make you one of the most happiest people alive
It's funny how I feel a lot more energetic and generally happy know I've met Jagruti.
by Kintax November 24, 2012
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Usually Jagruti's tend to have big teeth. They are very lazy human beings. They look fugly. They tend to eat alot and check their weight every two days to see if they gained any. They are happy after they turn fat.
Me: Hey did you see that Jagruti?
You: Yes, she has the biggest teeth I have ever seen.
by Heather2040 May 11, 2008
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