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Jaelon is an uncommon boys name originating in Ireland during the 19th century.

Jaelon is commonly given to those who are deemed worthy.
Jaelon's are generally handsome and brave pretty much the perfect catch with the brains to go with.
Wow he definitely looks like a Jaelon.
Jaelon is so dreamy.
by WisdomAnt June 06, 2016
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Cool Person. Awesome person to have as a friend, She is understanding, funny, and has a lot of boy problems.A girl with the name Jaelon might not know how beautiful they are. She is a great listener. She loves animals. She is usually Brown haired Brown Eyes. She has an amazing personality and loves to be with friends and family. She is really funny, Cute, has a sweet room, Has an awesome laugh, and loves to watch scare tactics. If you ever meet a Jaelon become BFF'SAE (best friends forever and ever)
"Your so pretty!"
"no... Not really"
"Don't be such a jaelon"

"Hey whats up?"
"My boy problems..."
"you are such a Jaelon"
by mym&m's January 07, 2010
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Jaelon’s are nice funny boys. It’s not a common name but they are a really good guy and is a good boyfriend. He usually pulls his ruler skeng for bants. Jaelon’s will usually hang out with a large group of friends but sometimes he does not. Jaelon’s are good at video games aswell.
‘Jaelon is so fit
by Sekretz November 11, 2018
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A nice kid . He likes to dance and dreams of being something creative that deals with art. A talented artist but lacks confidence.
Jaelon is super cool :)
by Naisaj June 12, 2016
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an uncommon black persons name. Jaelon's are good friends to have, even though they're pretty wierd and wild, they will be there to stand up for themselves and others. They are very athletic, most commonly play football or basketball
I wish I was like Jaelon
Woah he must be naturally talented
by YAKID16 October 09, 2017
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