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Jaegan is a beautiful gay couple. They light the world. Their so cute and their kisses are goals. Their relationship could last forever. Their both so cute and cuddly. Their love is just so beautiful. It's such a blessing that god made them. They were meant to be together forever.
Jaegan such a beautiful couple
Jaegan is goals
Jaegan is everything'
by Handles handle has a hand June 20, 2017
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A ship between two gay internet famous teenagers. Probably the cutest thing ever, involving Raegan Beast and Justin Blake. Aka as a couple that were meant for each other, they just so happen to be lost at the moment.
Wow did you see Jaegan, they're couple goals dude.
by Loveswagbuskin August 04, 2017
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Gay. Adorable. Goals. Pretty much everything you want in a relationship. unfortunately jaegan broke up a few months ago but they are still friends :) (hopefully more than that). jaegan was and still is absolute goals. JAEGAN FOREVER AND ALWAYS!
jaegan is GOALS!
by jaegan <3 August 13, 2017
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