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Jaedn is possibly the funniest person you'll every meet in your lifetime. Although he's really kind, he also acts extremely weird and will do anything he possibly can to embarrass you. It is very easy for a Jaedn to annoy you, but even when he does, you love him even more because he never fails to make you laugh. Some people will bully Jaedn because of how his name is spelt, however, his name is unique and makes him the amazing person you know today. If you're lucky enough to have Jaedn as a friend, never let him go, because he is possibly the best person you will ever know and you will love him forever, just like he loves you.
That guy is SO amazing, he must be a Jaedn!
by HawaiiKawaii January 21, 2018
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Some faggot who's parents can spell "Jaden" or "Jayden" right.

Usually these "Jaedn's" are suicidal.
Tyler: Hey Jaden write your name down on this sheet.
Jaedn: *Jaedn*
Tyler: Lol, Faggot can't even spell his name right. He should KYS.
by DJB11 February 03, 2017
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