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A ruthless person who has balls Jaedeen is a bad ass doesn't take any crap from no one but Jaedeen is very loyal Jaedeen speaks there mind no matter what Jaedeen gives good advice and is a great listener Jaedeen will do whatever it takes to get what she wants once Jaedeen doesn't do well with love Jaeden isn't the romantic type and won't show it buh will tell u straight up Jaedeen is really good at hiding there feelings and Once your on Jaedeen's bad side it will take a lot to gain Jaedeen's trust Jaedeen hates liers Jaedeen is also a sweet person they just don't show it Jaedeen is also the type to fight when disrespected jaedeen is also a leader
Your bad ass your like a Jaedeen
by Kaya671 March 14, 2017
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