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(yah-dran) v

1) To defecate so hard that you stain the interior of the toilet bowl.
2) To stalk another male.
3) To claim to be a male model even though you look like a Dick Tracey villain.
4) To jump out of a moving vehicle while driving your car with your friends after you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you.
5) To get fired at DSW.
Jack is now in a coma after he pulled a Jadran.
by RiverCity Kid December 12, 2013
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Jadran is a rare male name which is oftenly associated with charismatic, social, optimistic, hilarious and life of the party kind of people. Jadran is a nickname given to people with traits listed above. (examples 1 & 2)
They are a complete opposite of a Karen or a Felicia ~ who are female labels for serious and unwanted, drama-loving b*tches.

It can also be used as an adjective (see example 3)
person 1: "This party is so dead"
person 2: "Yeah I wish Jadran was here"

person 1: "Did you see how lit Billy was yesterday?"
person 2: "Yeah, he was totally Jadran!"

person 1: "This furniture is so outdated!"
person 2: "Yeah, I wish they jadraned it a bit!"
by dude from da hood October 12, 2019
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