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Known as an intelligent homosapien.
A Jadisha always gets perfect scores and is a deep lover of bonus points. What pisses off a Jadisha is when another human gets bonus points.

A Jadisha is a pretty girl and stacks her exes profiles and also friends the boyfriends of her boyfriend's girlfriends.

During locker period, she is known for throwing her books messily on the ground.

she sits beside loving creatures who are hysterically funny and incorrigible.

Also known as THE BRAIN or the CENTRAL.

She likes to "check answers" with a very nice young lady and math is her empowerment.

A Jadisha is a very nice human and remember to give her bonus points.

Her worst experiences include that if falling From the front door of a pickup when she was a youngster and that of shving her lips when she was sent to buy a shaver.

It is concluded that she will be the validvictotian of her academy and certain creatures will despise her for that.

A Jadisha has big mammary glands and once shaved her lips.

She might be mean but once someone gets to know a Jadisha then she is a really nice and friendly person. Being mean makes her rather fun.
Luis: Look at Jadisha flaming in anger!

shelly: Dude someone else must have gotten the bonus points!
by Squeakyjojo69 April 10, 2013
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