For a short definition of the topic, Jacob is Gay. Everything about this boy is gay. His favorite food is cock and his favorite sport is riding "bicycles". Jacob is gay
Jacob: Hey big boy
Girl: Hey
Jacob: I'm Gay
Girl: Melts into puddle from incredible gayness

Jacob is Gay
by Dylan'sFriend October 16, 2019
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A dude named Jacob who likes boys and has sex with them daily. Dudes with this name are always the gay one or the group.
by Dylan is straight November 10, 2020
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Jacob Gay would be the first man to tend a shoulder if you really needed one that day. Jacob Gay is a man that would give the shirt off his back for another. Jacob Gay is amazing in every other way possible and you can't have him! But if you could he would be great! But he's mine😋. He is Jacob Gay. He's amazing.
If you knew Jacob Gay you would be named Andrew .
by You're One and Only February 11, 2019
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