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A fat loser that makes every being on earth regret life. He is very dumb and hates to be normal. Some might even say he is retarded.
Girl 1: "Hey, is that Jack hanging out with Jacmel?!"
Guy 1: "Yeah, I'll pray for him!"
by #SAV3TH3DAV3 May 03, 2018
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A person who sucks ass. They long for their brother at night, but can't get them. They also love gay hentai.
Alex: is that a jacmel?
Clarence: yeah, I have to share a room with him.
Alex: oh shit, I'm sorry.
Clarence: Yeah, he's a penis.
Alex: you are what you eat.
Clarence: That's true.
Alex: oh well.
by Coolgirl1234321 May 05, 2018
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A cool guy, The overlord over a clarence, 10 times smexier and sexier, Totally hot, powerful, song and manly, compassionate

A Waterfall in Haiti, Jacmel
Ex 1
Girl 1: Is that a fucking Clarence?! Damn!
Girl 2: Nah girl, that's a Jacmel.
Girl 1: ...I need it. Hard!
Girl 3: Not if I get him first!
Ex 2
Man 1: I need a vacation
Girl 1: Can we see the Jacmel Falls?
Man 1: Of course! Jacmel! We'll Go today!
Girl 1: Hooray!
by McmanlyWoman July 05, 2017
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