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A cool guy, The overlord over a clarence, 10 times smexier and sexier, Totally hot, powerful, song and manly, compassionate

A Waterfall in Haiti, Jacmel
Ex 1
Girl 1: Is that a fucking Clarence?! Damn!
Girl 2: Nah girl, that's a Jacmel.
Girl 1: ...I need it. Hard!
Girl 3: Not if I get him first!
Ex 2
Man 1: I need a vacation
Girl 1: Can we see the Jacmel Falls?
Man 1: Of course! Jacmel! We'll Go today!
Girl 1: Hooray!
by McmanlyWoman July 05, 2017

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A n accidental Retard. They will think they are equal to Alex or Jacmel's, but the are not
Ex 1
Clarence: (to alex) PICK IT UP!!! GET OUT!! (Autistic Screech)
Jacmel: (to Clarence) This is why. I am the smexy god. And you don't get no hoes.

Alex: (to Clarence) HELL YEAH!

Ex 2
Girl 1: Damn! Is that a Clarence?

Girl 2: Are you Blind?!!? Don't say that name, it's gross. That's a Jacmel! Too fucking smexy!
Girl 1: Ah, sorry girl... I could go for an Alex though....
by McmanlyWoman February 10, 2018

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