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A person who sucks ass. They long for their brother at night, but can't get them. They also love gay hentai.
Alex: is that a jacmel?
Clarence: yeah, I have to share a room with him.
Alex: oh shit, I'm sorry.
Clarence: Yeah, he's a penis.
Alex: you are what you eat.
Clarence: That's true.
Alex: oh well.
by Coolgirl1234321 February 11, 2018

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A strong, independent, beautiful, women. Looks and acts better than Clarence and Jacmel. An Alexandra is sexy/ smexy. She is smarter than the average bear. To be an Alexandra, you have to be better than Clarence and Jacmel in all ways possible.
Boy 1: Damn! Look at that girl over there!
Boy 2: the sexy one?
Boy 1: Yeah. She makes Clarence and Jacmel look like penises.
Boy 2: That's an Alexandra!
Girl 1: She's not that cute.
Boy 1: She is to, bitch!
Girl 2: She is amazing. I want her to be my friend
by Coolgirl1234321 February 10, 2018

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