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Sounding like the name Jacqueline, a Jackquylan is not just a name, but it is a type of troll. Watch out for the Jackquylan, they can be trusted on no circumstances and they do bite. The Jackquylan is the most evil and horrible troll of them all and inherits its magic from the devil himself. The Jackquylan has such powers, that it is able to disguise itself as an ordinary school girl. Your own girlfriend/best friend could even be the Jackquylan, you just don't have a clue. The only way you can know if your partner or best friend is a Jackquylan, is if everytime you see the person, you always leave feeling depressed and empty inside. The Jackquylan may ruin other relationships you have with people, and put you down alot. The Jackquylan lives to ruin and destroy peoples emotional lifes. This type of troll is very short, an open mouthed breather, rather chubby, with the nose of a pig. The only thing attractive about the Jackquylan is its unearthly bright blue eyes with the perfect eyelashes that most girls would die to have. Besides that everything else is most unflattering.
Jada: I'm thinking of dumping my girlfriend. Shes a troll!

Tanner: Yah yah, been there done that, you are definitely dating a Jackquylan.
by Calliopes Word November 20, 2011
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