A child (usually a bastard child) deliberately conceived for the sole purpose of acquiring monetary handouts and other unfair perks. Usually born to welfare queens, illegal immigrants and other parasites.

When the Jackpot Baby is not a bastard (which is rare), it is usually conceived for tax breaks.

Occasionally, a person with wealthy parents will deliberately produce a child when promised large sums of money in exchange for producing an heir. However, the previously mentioned bastard child is the most common.
Jackie: "I'm working at McDonald's during summer vacation. Where are you going to work?"

Shameeka: "Work?? Girl please! I'm gonna have me a Jackpot Baby so I can get on the 'fare, fuck that workin' shit! I ain't gettin' my hands dirty fo' no motherfucker!"

Jackie: "Oh. Uh, ok. So who's the daddy going to be?"

Shameeka: "Whoever, don't matter, long as I get a baby so I can get that check is all I care about."
by IHateFreeloaders April 19, 2010
Noun; Slang term used to describe a baby that was both planned and conceived abroad then delivered on U.S. soil solely for the parental desires of becoming U.S. citizens indirectly by way of an abused loop-hole in the system.

The parents usually plan and conceive the baby abroad and then late in the pregnancy, hop the border to drop the baby on U.S. soil. The baby is immediately granted U.S. citizenship upon being dropped and the parents U.S. citizenship is granted after the baby turns 18 years of age.

The baby usually matures and realizes that he or she was planned merely for parental desires of U.S. citizenship and develops alcoholism as a result of low self esteem.
On the flight to Denver from Cancun, I was sitting next to this pregnant Mexican lady who was in labor. Once we flew over the border, she dropped the baby right there in the plane !! "Jackpot...baby !!" she says right after the delivery. I couldn't believe my ears. She sounded like she won the lotto after dropping that jackpot baby.
by boomer323 June 21, 2010