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Young british comedian who represents the personification of what unfunny is.
This film, 'Epic Movie', is very Jack Whitehall.
by japan air December 31, 2010
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Is the opposite of comedy. He is a stand up comedian so unfunny, he actually makes you cringe. He is about as funny as an AIDs flavoured ice cream. He represents a new generation of comedians who are simply on TV because they are reasonably attractive to 14-year-old girls who don't realise what comedy is. He is one of the new comedians that don't need jokes, but just swearwords and prancing around a lot. His lack of talent, however, is not an obstacle for Jack, because his father is a high-profile talent agent formerly in charge of people like Judi Dench, and this basically means Jack inexplicably is present on every TV show despite being utterly shit.
Kid: Mother, there is a funny smell coming from the toilet.

Mother: Do you mean 'funny' as in shit, or 'funny' as in Jack Whitehall?

Kid: Arn't they the same thing?

Mother: Actually yes, but I wish the shit would get booked on 8 out of 10 cats more, as at least he has funnier material.
by ozlehfewfhgg February 26, 2011
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