When your ass gets slapped so hard that a hand print is left behind, as in the song lyrics in Industry Baby - “sent her back to her boyfriend with my hand print on her ass cheek”
I got jack harlowed by my hinge date last night
by mellyrock October 13, 2021
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Known as the what’s poppin guy. A song that recently blew up but he’s been putting out tapes since 2016. He’s not trying to be anyone but himself and he’s one of the swaggiest white rappers in the game
Person 1: Yo u heard of Jack Harlow??
Person 2 : ya that dude cold!!
by Eddiemcmahonjr October 3, 2020
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a good ass rapper, fine as fuck, and one of the funniest rappers in the game. i love him.
person 1: “have you heard of jack harlow?? he’s a great white rapper and the hottest man ever.”

person 2: he's so funny and his music is underrated as hell yo.
by guaplorddd April 24, 2021
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Have you heard that new Lil Nas X song featuring Jack Harlow? It’s 🔥
by RandoBitch September 30, 2021
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Day to celebrate jack harlow on December 18th. The only day you can say "BITCH!" without anyone getting offended. We pop ranch and san pellegrino bottles while wearing our best pair of new balances.
it's Jack Harlow Day so we screaming "BITCH IM FROM KENTUCKY BUT THIS AINT NO FUCKING DIXIE CHICKS" all day
by jackharlowmemes January 4, 2022
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