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This name is derived from a number of different Brazilian tribes. The name is given to males in the tribe who display promising developement of the penis 6 months to a year after puberty has begun. Tribal elders would usually take one boy every five to ten years that possess this quality and would moniter the growth until full maturity is complete. They would then castrate the man and use him to pleasure the widows of fallen warriors as a way to thank the women for their sacrifice. These widows were allowed total access to the Jabi-hubba and also other women who subcame to paying a certain fee (usually chickens or a small boar) were granted time with Jabi-hubba as well. Each man chosen to be the Jabi-hubba must serve the tribe for at least 8 years unless he is fataly ill, developes erectile disfunction, or dies. After his sentence he may choose to carry on with the position or retire.

*Note* the castration was the elder's way to prevent abundant pragnancies and over population. This ritual was begun well before the knowledge of condoms ever reached these tribes and even before the developement of the condom itself.
After Tanyanshia's husband died in a battle with a neighboring tribe, she went to the Jabi-hubba to reap the rewards of her sacrifice.
by Jabi-hubbabubbaluva June 11, 2010
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