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This word is used to describe a man who enjoys making extremely loud and ear bleeding noises while in a voicecall specifically aimed towards a female named Alice who wishes she was dead. The name Jaali comes from a long thread of history involving hotdogs,milk and twitch raids. It’s said that those who are named Jaali will continuously chant the word “empty milk” and “Hawtdawg” in front of thousands of people at once with no shame. Despite Jaali’s often being a friendly creature, they will not hesitate in screaming at you for playing Fortnite.
“Jaali no”
by Totally not Alice August 11, 2018
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a youtuber that makes unnecessary loud noises in calls and says WONNAHAWTDAWG randomly.
Jaali is cool.
by spacegodddd August 12, 2018
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