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(je payo tei, nep.) the thing said or done is not in concern. mostly used in nepal
dont say JPT.
by skyder January 24, 2013
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Japanese People's Time, or early, since Japanese people are obsessed with being places on time and always show up early.
Yo let's get to the show on JPT so we can get some good seats.
by Nick D February 15, 2003
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buy the domain for your cat vlog
Why are you here so early? We're not running on J.P.T.
by Seriously Random September 26, 2003
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JPT stands for Joker Pencil Trick made famous in the movie The Dark Knight. Even though no one liked Heath Ledger before his death and thought he was a homo, everyone is on his nuts now. One of the best scenes in TDK was the Joker's pencil trick where he kills somebody by slamming their face into a pencil while performing a magic trick to make said pencil disappear.

JPT is a fine substitute for "Go Benoit Yourself" and other fine message board replies found all over the internet.

JPT is the brain child of future banned Sherdog poster "NickNYC".
"Go JPT yourself"
by NickNYC August 05, 2008
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