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1. Any individual who has to walk backwards due to the distance and the angle his head is shoved up his asshole. When he is speaking his words literally come from his ass.

2. An individual that is so cowardly that he chooses to go to to bitch and complain about his problems in life instead of being a man and saying what he has to say face to face. He who obviously has problems with a "Claudia" who is a female. He is obviously afraid of her beating the shit out of him. Deep down, he knows she can, yet will never admit it openly. You got something to say? Say it to my face, asshole.

3. A gay prostitute with a lisp, wooden leg, and a missing eye.

4: He who just got owned by Claudia.
Example 1: "Wow, look at that guy over there, he's walking like a JOshuk, we would need a cave expedition team to look him in the face."

"I saw JOshuk the other day, it looked like he was giving birth to himself."

Example 2: "JOshuk finally got ballsy enough to spit his beef at Claudia, she beat the shit out of him, and shoved his head so far up his ass that now he has to walk backwards to see where he is going."

Example 3: "Woah, you look horrible, what'd you do last night? Screw a JOshuk?"

Example 4: "Dude, you just got JOshuked!! You might want to stay home for a few days, at least until the embarrassment wears off!!'
by JOshuk= PWNED January 31, 2009
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