A term often used to describe an individual who not only lives like a celebrity, but gets action from massive amounts of ladies each day. JMARS is often used as the international term for "God's Gift To The World", and if you ever saw a JMARS you'd understand why. JMARS has been said to reside on the same slant as Chuck Norris when it comes to being superior to the rest of man kind.
1. JMARS once made a mistake on purpose to experince failure
2. "Did you see JMARS getting molested by thousands of hot chicks?"
3. "I really wish JMARS would give me his autograph"
4. "JMARS let me touch him for charity"
by Que Es La Vida December 3, 2009
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JMar a nice young man with a big dick and a good personality and 9/10 he is very smart and He is very athletic his girl is probably a treesh
by Jmar_2022 January 30, 2022
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