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The action of filming yourself or someone else on the floor closing his/her legs together in a strange location. This is derived from a dance move in Jennifer Lopez's performance at the 2013 Billboard Awards. Unlike "planking", which requires still pictures, the "JLo Clap" requires the action to be filmed on video.

To successfully "JLo Clap", follow these easy steps:
1) Pick an outrageous or strange location (e.i. Starbucks, Shopping Center, Bathroom, Disneyland)
2) Lay down with your legs fully extended in the air and prepare your camera/phone near your lower abdominal area (making sure your legs are not seen in the shot)
3) Start filming
4) Open and close your legs multiple times, keeping them fully extended throughout your video
5) Stop the video after 5-10 sec, making sure your legs are unseen in the shot after the completion of your video
6) Upload your video on Youtube, Facebook, Vine, Snap Chat, Vimeo, etc.

The more outrageous the situation, the more hilarious your video will be. Some example labels for your videos are as followed:
"JLo clapping in the mall"
"JLo clapping with Mickey Mouse"


"JLo getting some groceries"
"JLo getting some Starbucks"


"I just JLo clapped on the street"
"I JLo clapped under the eifel tower"

The possibilities are endless! You are still able to take still pictures of yourself/someone "JLo clapping", but it is more effective captured on video.

Have fun, and make those legs JLo Clap ;)
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by JLo Clap May 22, 2013
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