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-To invite oneself to a social gathering that he/ she was never intended to join.
-To bar tend at home and get smashed on your own couch even though your friends are fine.
Dude... You just pulled a JJL
by Moronballs June 28, 2011
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JJL is actually a shortened version of the real word, Jewish Justice League. It was created by a name i will not reveal for the reasons of Nazi - influenced kid It's sole purpose is kick Nazi assholes in the nuts
Nazi Hater 1 - Hey did you go the JJL meeting yesterday?

Nazi Hater 2 - No... got caught up with stuff, what did I

Nazi Hater 1 - Nothing much... Just how to kick that Nazi's ass over there

Nazi - Who me?

Nazi Hater 1 - "Calls out into the alley and a group swarms out"
by Mr.Smiley March 21, 2007
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