JDW is a "hood" if you will. It is located outside of Doylestown. It is quite possibly the hardest hood in Central Bucks School District. It is not unlikely that if you are driving through JDW you will see a drive-by or a stabbing. In JDW everybody sleeps below the windows so they will not get hit by a stray. There are approximately 65 houses located in this hood. Although you will see plenty of BMWs and Mercedes, you will also see plenty of white tees, and weed smolking hoodlums. It is a good idea to stay away from these kids, because if you are hostile towards one of them, their whole crew will be on you like white on rice.
D-Beer killed a kid cause he said FUCK JDW.
by t-mac March 7, 2005
"Cuz every cities got a ghetto and every ghetto got a hood
Take a good look around you cuz there's a D Block near you" or so says eminem. And JDW (John Dyer Way) is clearly the hood of Doylestown. It's crazy what goes on there, dice games, shootings, and a lot of rapping. It's home to playground legends like the new t-mac (one-armed army), J-Mac, the DC sniper and the Baracuda. JDW is mos def one place you don't one to mess with. You just might get merked.
I'm from JDW, I'm a shoelace your face.
by JDW Rez March 7, 2005
“-I broke up with my girlfriend :(
- jdw u’ll find a better person”
by Shlaft March 18, 2018