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Abbreviated version of "Just Being A Dick"
1. Thomas stood Tariq up without calling him. He was JBAD.

2. Nakul ignores people when he can hear them talking to him. He's always in JBAD mode.

3. Apoorva emasculated Tariq again. Such a JBAD move.
by JBAD69 October 28, 2014
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A slang way of intonating that an object or entity fails to perform it's inteded action or purpose in a satisfactory manner.
"I say sir, your prize racehorse seems to have done a Jbad and failed spectacularily, losing you your entire fortune in rubies!"
"I certainly have pulled a Jbad today Martin my good man! Now kiss me like you kiss your most expensive whore."


What a fucking Jbad, he died on the first goomba in mario 1.
by aaaanonymous June 13, 2007
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