A nickname that is given to a n*gga that almost every female thinks is attractive.
Chris : you are lowkey a “Jaylo “ you pull almost every female that sees you

Debo : yea I know
by bro code March 24, 2020
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Jaylo is probably the best person ever! Jaylos are mostly from the Bronx or Dominican. Jaylo loves to party! She loves sucking balls ALL DAY LONG
by Andrew to lit November 22, 2018
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Jaylos shit a lot and sucks dick all day. In fact she is one of the prettiest girl ever. She will be the nicest person ever! She will make your day better in any way!
by Andrew to lit November 22, 2018
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A very good friend. Someone who you can tell all your troubles to. Someone who really gets you.
Oh yeah, that girl, she's my Jaylo buddy!
by muckduck January 19, 2010
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