1) nickname for entertainer Jennifer Lopez;
2) a big, beautiful bodonkadonk booty that you wanna grab 6 handfuls of!
Damn! Check out tha j lo on that byotch!
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
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An SUV (or full size sedan) which is parked in a space marked "compact" in the mall parking lot or public garage. The lack of available space forces the rear end of the said vehicle to stick out of neighboring cars that are smaller.
"Look at that J-Lo parked next to you! How did she even fit that thing in there?!"

The mall parking patrol looks specifically for those J-Los parked illegally in the compact spaces.
by Empire of the Moon February 17, 2007
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"street name" for latino songstress and actress jennifer lopez. but dont be confused by the rocks that she got shes still jenny from the block. in other words a fuckin talentless slag with nice tits and a big ass who talks latino style through her nose when it suits her. the rest of the time shes throwing vases or tantrums at her asslicks and demanding the hotel she staying at be uprooted and turned. also known for suckin off a crap record producer whos so not! street, sean piff diddly wank. and for blowin the worlds crapest actor mr im so wooden im like pinnochio, "ben affleck" who in turn makes keanu reeves look like a trained RADA actor.
see that crack ho, shes so j lo blowin for crack and apple crumble
by da original playa May 28, 2006
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A person who exhibits diva-like behavior but who is in fact exceptionally mediocre; at least she's exceptional at something. She may think that she remembers her roots, but has in fact long forgotten them and looks down on them. "I'm still Jenny from the block" my ass!!!

However, she is "Jenny who's been around the Block; Spends all her time sucking cock; Married so many men, who knows where they came from; I'm not fooled by the rocks that she's got; Cos she's just a ho who's been around the block"

S/He is an overbearing, arrogant, over-confident tyrant who believes that the sun shines out of their ass; the truth is that they are full of shit, are insecure and needy. Go J.Ho!
Do any of the men in her life stay with her for too long? No they don't; we rest our case.
by Marcel and Sarah March 01, 2004
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