The greatest reggaeton singer of all time. Very humble. Truly versatile artist, can work with anyone from anywhere, any genre is good for him. Anything he drops will be a hit guaranteed 💯 Uses bright vivid colors everywhere. Can pull off any style effortlessly.
If you're struggling with your music career, a collaboration with him is all you need.

Also very cute
She's the J Balvin of ....
by ttsmallt November 12, 2020
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The J Balvin is when you do a handstand in the bottom of your drained local city pool, naked, and someone jumps off the high dive head first into your ballsack/vaginal area. If done at a city pool outside of your local area, it’s rather referred to as a Paul McCartney.
I just J Balvined at the city pool and everyone thought it was pog.
by bigshidder November 5, 2020
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Colombian singer destroyed by Puertorican singer Residente in a musical beef or a diss track composed by BZRP.

In the song J Balvin is defined as the following:
1-Bobolón or Dumbass
2-A copy of a clone
3-The Logan Paul of Reggaeton
7-Badly raised by a frustrated influencer dad
8-A vegan salad because he has no eggs
9-Uncreattive because he has teams of people that write his rap/hiphop/reggaeton lyrics
10-All in all he is defined as a nicely packaged product by the latin american music industry to have some of the urban music genre market share
Dont be as fake as J Balvin; Dont be a vegan salad;
by urbancito March 10, 2022
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