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Sweetest most beautiful person you'll ever meet. Inside and out. She's always there for her friends. Very popular girl, in real life and social media. Someone who's always taken for granted. Has a rough home life but doesn't tell people, but you'd never know because she's one of the happiest people you'd ever meet. She can sing like an angel. And every guy who's ever laid eyes on her pretty much drools. She has body image self esteem issues, but is PERFECT to everyone else that sees her. If you have this girl in your life, never take her for granted.. Shes an amazing girl. But also.. Not yet known but She can do things beyond this world.. she Will accomplish great things. You'll never forget her.
"She's perfect"
"She's Izabella, what do you expect"
by unknown716071607160 October 3, 2016
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Someone who wants to make a change and do good. But sometimes that urge gets her into trouble. She always speaks her mind. And she loves to make you laugh. Even though she knows she's not funny. She's lovable but harsh. No one knows what she's capable of and probably won't. She has major trust issues and keeps to herself. She laughs when she won't let herself cry. She puts on a face but it lasts for a second. I hope she finds herself and someone special.

Izabella is my support.
by IJustArt April 24, 2018
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Izabellas are usually a girl with long light brown hair with beautiful eyes. All of the boys stare at her all day and wish she was theirs. Izabella’s are beautiful and smart, they also are very loyal! If you need someone to talk to always talk to an Izabella!!! Izabella’s always have eyes on them and they always get asked out!! Izabella’s always have a lot of friends but sometimes behind all of the beauty and smiles there can be pain. Izabella’s always smile though and they aren’t very serious, they are sarcastic but silly! You always want to have an Izabella as a friend!
Boy: Look at Izabella she looks so beautiful!!
Izabella: Hey!! How are you?!
Boy: I’m... great since you are talking to me!
Izabella: Your so sweet well my friends are waiting for me I’ll talk to you later!
by Pounder101 February 28, 2018
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An izabella is usually a kind and selfless girl who always puts others before her. Izabella's are usually the ones who try their hardest to make others laugh. A lot goes on in her home life but she doesn't let anyone know that. An izabella is usually a bit of a bitch but she is gorgeous and gets all the boys.
Guy: Wow she's so pretty
Guy 2: she's izabella, duh
by Nan my nan June 23, 2019
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She is the bad ass of the school. Don't get on her bad side because she can kick your ass. Everyone wants to be her friend. She is the most beautiful person you have ever seen. Dont try lying to yourself saying she is not. She is the biggest sarcastic ass ever. She is going to be very rich and famous one day you can just tell. She has a secret side to her thought that only a few people have seen. She is always a shorty with a big ass. She can work heals like nothing else. You will ALWAYS want to be friends with Izabella.
Oh how I love Izabella.

She is the funniest person ever.

Don't mess with Izabella if it is the last thing you do.
by LaurenGiraldo2345 February 28, 2017
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She is amazing and athletic. She is a kickass girl. She is loyal and the best friend you will be the most trustworthy friend you will have
Boy: Wow she amazing!
Boy2: Yah she is an Izabella!
by TheGoddess_IRod November 29, 2016
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Izabella is the best friend you could ever have she is so nice to everyone I mean she smiles like 24/7 sometimes she can be too nice! All the boys like her. Especially mexicans. And she likes boys a lot too. She is always there for you. You can never stay mad at her she is pretty great! You need to have an Izabella in your life
Izabella is my best friend.
by 1234elephantkitty February 5, 2018
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