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A common female name in Mesoamerica of indigenous origin. Itzel is derived from Ix Chel, an important moon goddess. As such, “Moon Goddess” and “She of the Rainbow” appear to be the most frequent translations in common literature. This is, however, inaccurate. Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that “Star”, or “Estrella” en Español, is much more accurate of an translation.
Itzel is borrowed from Nahualá K'iche', an independent dialect of the Quiché Maya language spoken in Northern Guatemala. Nomenclatural variants of Itzel, such as Itzehl (Huastecan, Poqom) and Itsehl (Yucatecan, Quichean) appear in Southern Mexico. They differ in meaning. Itzehl translates to “Moon Goddess”. Itsehl translates to “She of the Rainbow”. However, Itzel, which translates to “Star”, is used without discretion as an interchangeable synonym with it’s aforementioned variants, thus obscuring Itzel’s true meaning.
Itzel is an example of positive cultural regression. Amongst populations with direct ancestral relation to Mayan Culture, Itzel is rare. However, amongst the majority Ethnic Mestizo population, sentimental attachment to indigenous culture is at present acceptable, where in past generations it was not. This has skyrocketed the popularity of names such as Itzel. This trend is predicted to continue.
"Itzel Ramos. What a beautiful name?"
by Elijah Rothschild November 15, 2009
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To encourage a person to initiate something that takes some effort or elaborate planning, then reject them when they complete preparations. Such as planning a birthday party for someone, getting hard-to-find concert tickets then inviting them, or driving across town in traffic to meet them for a drink.
She insisted I add her on facebook, but after going through 80 pages of girls with similar names to find her and invite her, she Itzeled my friend invite. Twice.
by Lensar July 01, 2010
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Itzel is a beautiful girl . She really skinny and usually people are jealous of he gorgeous body.she likes to eat a lot and dress up for nothing. She a little wired and likes to play around(has quite a flirty persona). She’s very open minded and kind. She is a poetic and a writer, knows how to exspres herself easily. But likes to keep things to herself and won’t easily speak her mind. But watch out if you mess with her she will destroy you . She’s generally friendly and if you’re feeling down you know who to turn to. She’s very supportive and can make you laugh in a instant. Very childish but can be vary mature. She’s always sounded by friends

If you find an Itzel don’t let go
Freaking Itzel I swear

Itzel bom af 💥💥
by Maybe a lil gay January 02, 2019
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Usually an unusual girl who enjoys playing around. She's unique, skinny, smart, and strong. She had always known she's got all the strength to make it through difficult situations. She loves painting and laughing. She is poetic and a writter by nature, words flow through her easily. At most looks flawless and loves honest open-minded people. Loves indie rock and pop music and face expressions. She's confident and likes dressing up for nothing and eating a lot. One of the most interesting gorgeous people you'll ever meet. She's a cheerful leader who always enjoys being herself.
"Itzel just did what she wanted, and got away with it."
by Freddy6786689 April 16, 2009
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It’s still is a very generous person and tell you get her mad. When somebody’s feeling down she never puts them down she always finds a way to put them up .She likes to dress up for nothing and like to eat a lot.And she has a lot of friends to support her.
Itzel is a amazing friend
by Lizzy25686 May 30, 2018
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Itzel is BODY GOALS!!!! This girl is STUNNING!!!!  My baby Itzel loves to dance the horchata 🍹 💃 and is GOOD AT IT! she loves to listen to that bunny singer 🐰 She is sooo funny and adorable!  I see her improving in dance and I can't wait to see her improve even more and surprise everyone!!! 😍👑
I wish I had Itzels body! Wow 😍😍😍
by zamn that Rowena July 27, 2018
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