an interesting individual who gets boys to simp over her due to her stunning hair and ability to chat shit at will, refusing to believe what people say about her, which are always good things barring the occasional fuckboy.
wow you know iti, she's so chill!
by ritwick March 3, 2021
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The heat high a marching band player experiences after completing a marching band show; usually happens and is most experienced during the fall and winter.
One marching band player to the other, after having completed a show:

Dude, I'm totally feeling this itis in my fingers
by Rashinall November 8, 2010
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the feeling of wanting to do nothing but sit on your porch and smoke a blunt and drink a 40oz
by the officer May 9, 2006
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When you call in sick to work but aren't really sick
"I think I'm going to catch the itis on Friday "
by Quality associate February 23, 2014
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A very kind, loving person who you should keep forever and ever because itis, a person who is always going to be there for you and always listens to your problems and helps you through those problems the best they can.
“Who is itis
by •EdgyRoses• January 4, 2020
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a sexualy transmitted infection.
yo son dont stick yo dick up in that trick, she got the itis son, word is bond.
by BALL$ June 2, 2007
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