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A phrase used to indicate that your friend has arrived or is here at the present location. It can also be used on the phone to indicate your friend is on the line. The phrase can also be used to talk about yourself in regards to your friend.
Guy 1: Yo! Its Ya Boy!

Guy 2: Oh Shoot! What up!

Guy 1: *Does something good* Its ya boy! gettin it done

Guy 2: Yo mah boy is gettin it done!

*picks up phone*

Guy 2: Hello

Guy 1: Yo its yah boy!

Guy 2: Yo what up!
by yo...its ya boy! December 19, 2013
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just something ever poser has to say before making any statement when being recorded.
its ya boy lil'deezy here chillin in the spot that be bangin, making it rain che'a!
by joexp May 10, 2011
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If you want to introduce yourself to a higher standard of assuming that people refer to you as "their boy". Usually used by people that play Minecraft and Roblox and have a YouTube channel with 10 subscribers.
MorganTheMinecrafterrr: hey guys, it's ya boy MorganTheMinecrafterrr here and today we are doing a Minecraft video

ZachTheR0bl0xr: hey u n00b u stole my intro xD I'll get you banned from utubez

MorganTheMinecrafterrr: kk
by ZachTheR0bl0xr February 12, 2017
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