Usually dates people named Max. Is nice to everyone and likes chocolate milk.
Look at Italia, she is giving her chocolate milk to Max.
by Nh3262007 November 21, 2019
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She is amazing, she is very caring and sweet, she does get snappy sometimes but that’s okay because it makes you laugh. She has a good sense of humor- she not as mean as people make her out to be, she is very gorgeous. She may not think it but she is, she’ll help you through times high and low, if you ever meet and italia hold on to her for dear life and stick around, good things will happen
Italia: hey guys how are you?
Me: good, omg your so pretty
Italia: nah I look like a rat
Me: not true!
by Ddillybarbaby July 01, 2020
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she is a really shy girl and has a body but doesn’t show it off like she should, has a big heat for italian boys !!!
italia you’re so sweet
by liciousdaddy34 March 24, 2019
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Italia;A somewhat cocky female,she is not afraid to tell you off ! She has a habit in stealing other females property,she has sexy scandalous curves (only on the internet) and will leave you for another man in a snap of a finger if you act up,she has a girly side and is attractive to girls as much as guys and she has beautiful long black hair and big puckered lips ready to eat you up !She loves to have a good time and enjoys going to partys and eating food she also enjoys sex ! And let me tell you ,she loves three somes and is ready for freaky sexy juicy interaction,she is not a good friend because she loses her tempure so therefore people can't put up with her !,She's basic like other girls and usually makes stupid choices she'll regret but she makes them anyways ,She loves to talk to multiple guys and she does not belive in love,they have taken advantage of her so many times and shes use to it,Italia is a iconic being and loves to look like other people,she lets society think for her and often finds herself doing things others do and she does not enjoy them but continues anyway to be accepted and have more fruends,she usually cannot go into public with out a face of paint because she is not that attractive,she depends herselfs ego on make up and usually wears too much ,But its okay !,Italia is Iconic!
Boy 1-woah shes hot
Boy 2-ew watch out bro,thats Italia
Boy 1-oh nevermind
by Linda Green March 15, 2017
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A girl who has lips lookin like a babboon ass and thinks they're hot. She's terrible in bed, her snatch smells like fish & her ass is not worth the Chlamydia you'll end up with after you f-+k it. Low class basic bitch who will die as poor as she was when she was born. A nobody with no body that nobody can love.
If you see Italia run she got stank breath and is looking to get laid!
by Lastlaughs0214 January 08, 2018
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