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A much-overused phrase that a mooching lady blows you off with when you ask her reason for requesting money from you. The intended purpose of her flippantly-ambiguous reply is to falsely imply to you that she needs said funds for "feminine issue" medicinal products, assisting family/friends with private-matter conundrums, etc., when in reality she merely wants to "fatten her PURSE" so that she can make frivolous/unhealthy expenditures which she knows that you as a prudent budgeter would never give her money for.
If a lady truly cares about you and has any sense of responsible budgeting, she should be willing to reveal what she wants to do with any money she asks you for, rather than just snapping, "It's pursonal". It's YOUR MONEY, so you have a right to know how it's being spent.
by QuacksO August 09, 2018
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