One of the most famous songs by Creedence Clearwater Revival. An anti-war protest song, it originally appeared on their 1969 album Willy and the Poor Boys and has been used in countless war films and TV shows since.
I served in Vietnam from 1971 to 1973. As soon as I got off the chopper It Ain't Me started playing.
by yupp395178 November 30, 2017
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What you say when you don't want to be associated with a certain activity or action, or something else you don't like.

sounds a lot cooler than just saying "no".
Dewd 1: bro, you wanna go get a spray-tan?
Dewd 2: nah, that ain't me.
by Sofagas March 5, 2011
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A phrase similar in meaning to same or mood, usually with a slightly negative connotation.
Person A: one time a guy hit on me and I got so nervous I just walked away while screaming internally.
Person B: Fuck if it ain't me though.
by Lady_Hiraeth August 11, 2019
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When someone be dissin' you n' sh*t you say dis sh*t and it helpz. forealz.
n*gga bout to get swung on for actin' a foo'!1~
you ain't know me like dat ho!
oh i see.
by P4UL TSUN4Mi September 17, 2007
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When somebody calls you A NAME and you are never referred to NAME.

Someone who did the opposite in a song due to their serious H0M0PH0BIA.

It's an ACTUARIAL CHANGE where not even N0B0DY IS INV0LVED.
Listen you have to realize 'that name you said, " IT AIN'T ME, I'M THE F0RTUNATE S0N.

Listen I admit openly I INDULGE IN MY 0WN ANAT0MY RECTUM ST0REH0USE GRAVITATI0NAL 0UT 0F B0WEL SHIT RECLYCLING as the , I HATE T0 SING A S0NG , J0HN F0GERTY AND CCR you just really messed up , as it should have been sang as being proud of your KINKY H0M0SEXUALITY , as now listen up, "IT AIN'T ME, I'M THE F0RTUNATE S0N, IT AIN'T ME , I'M THE. F0RTUNATE S0N".

Dynamically speaking, "AIN'T WAS A VIOLATI0N 0F GRAMNATCAL USAGE and when it came into vogue culture commonly said usage as you will see later is patently acceptable, as , "I NEED SCOTCH TAPE. S0 I CAN XER0X THIS (CRAP)PY PH0T0STATIC D0CUMENT and the problem is UPPER ALPHABET C0UNTRY IS SINGING , " IT AIN'T ME I'M THE F0RTUNATE S0N , and with that said , " ST0P SAYING , "you are going to have to "G00GLE IT" , would that be "MICHAEL KORS , as G00FLE AR0UND , which is a very small partial derivative of A C0MPLETE M0N0P0LY done the correct way.
by .MANDATORY SHITEATER September 23, 2022