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A country in the middle east which has convinced the USA, that the country is populated at this time by the Children of Israel, the same ones who over 2,000 years ago attempted to kill God's chosen one Jesus.
In truth, when the original Children of Israel, the 12 sons of the Prophet Jacob, set out to kill Jesus the chosen one of God, that group forfeited its chance to be God's special people just as they were warned would happen at Leviticus 26. Now the opportunity to be chosen ones is with the gentiles. The false claimants in the middle east are impostors.
USA Joe Sixpack: But we have to keep supporting Israel even if they are constant war criminals because to do so is to support God because God has selected them unconditionally as his chosen ones for the Kingdom of God.

Independent Thinker: Read in the book they claim to follow at Leviticus 26, to see that their chosen status depended on obedience to God. Tell me if you think their efforts to kill Jesus was a pleasing obedience to God. Look at the actions of these people claiming today to be Israelites. You'll see why we call these people impostors and members of the synagogue of satan and why we refer to their country as ISFAKE.
by pamschel November 21, 2010
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