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The most amazing guy on the planet. He has a bunch of friends, but only a few that he's close to. he's good at keeping secrets, and everyone trusts him. He will always be there to hold your hand and tell you everything's going to be okay. He is the perfect man. Isaias is a complete sweetheart . He makes every girl fall in love with him. He has a girlfriend who loves him more than he'll ever know, and they are the perfect couple. He has a big heart and an even :)
Girl 1: Who's the hot guy?
Guy: That's Isaias, he's pretty cool.
Girl 2: I'd tap that.
Guy: He's taken.
Girls: Damn...

Girlfriend: I'm the luckiest girl in the world. He makes me so happy.
Friend: I'm happy for you two. He seems like a great guy.
Girlfriend: He is. He's the best.
by TheLuckiestGirl May 30, 2013
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Most likely mexican. And usually very attractive. Most Isaias's are very sensitive, a lot more sensitive then most guys are. They usually are very loving and will not take things too fast in a relationship. They'll have their heart broken, but yet will still move on and give their heart to other girls. Isaias is usually used to describe a guy who is loving, and will think about others feelings. (which most guys do not do)
"Joe's been acting like an Isaias. And I like being with him."
by Robbylover June 09, 2009
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usually attractive, grimey, and often referred to the throwdest nigga on the block...
Dam them hoes steady jockin, isaias must be in the area
by elhwk November 09, 2009
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Guys with the name "Isaias" have the biggest wangs ever. Do one and see for yourself.
Girl 1: Dude, I can't walk today.
Girl 2: What happened?
Girl 1: Isaias happened.
by cajuncadillac November 09, 2010
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A man with SMALLEST penis. It’s so small it’s almost nonexistent! Be careful ladies when you meet one of these!
by Digbickenergy October 21, 2018
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