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A super sexy girl, who knows what she wants. And man, does she have the best ass for grabbing. She often has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and smile nobody can forget. Few people have made her smile. So when you see it, you know your lucky. She loves sports and animals too. She is very popular among boys. You can always catch one staring at her. Guys look at her like, she is the most beautiful thing. Even if she doesn’t think so. But be warned, she can also have a Darkside. When she gets angry you know, someone’s going down. She never loses a fight. And will protect anyone who is in harms way. She often gets annoyed easily, and will tell you to go away. But the most important thing to her are her friends. She will do anything to protect them, at any cost.
Guy1:Damn who’s that?
Guy2: that’s Isabella Colosimo bro
Guy3: I like seeing her come, but I love seeing her leave.
Guy2: real mature dude!
Guy4: did you hear? she got in a fight!
Guy3 really?
Guy4:yeah for one of her friends safety
Guy1: well who ever gets her, he’s gonna be one lucky guy!
by Twihylian April 24, 2018
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