Not taken into account what someone else thinks or asks you to do
Scott: michael steam that bus engine.
Michael:fuck off.
Scott :am i supposed to fucking do it like ?????.
Michael: no scott u fat lazy cunt i dont expect u to do it its done !!!!!!!!.
Scott:well michael its irrespective u should of done it thats what i pay u for !!!!!!! . Michael : scott fuck off doucgebag
by Irrespective September 17, 2016
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Irrespectful is just like disrespectful and respectful "both" but they are different but some of it can be inflated. irrespectful is when you are disrespectful but you don't mean the words you are saying to others, but when you are respectful for irrespectful it's like respectful to others but you don't give enough credit or too much credit. you never admit you are disrespectful when you think you have all the respect. you only have self respect but you don't mean anything you say.
Tom is irrespectful to others the words he is saying that are disrespectful he really don't mean it.
by TheAwesomeJUNK December 11, 2018
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the correct word, its not disrespectful anymore, fight me
you ignored me, thats so irrespectful!
by tropical bird January 19, 2022
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