n. a furry female, willing to have sex with anyone at any time
Inviso began cybering right in the middle of the chatroom.
by Allison Pryce September 12, 2004
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Inviso cock is when you hold your hand up to an unexpecting person's mouth as though you are holding an invisible dick and you move your hand back and forth to make it look like they are sucking an invisible cock.
I was doing paper work when John walked up and inviso cocked me.
by Train Wreck March 14, 2014
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what results from someone getting a tan line around their bikini top, resulting in being tan everywhere except their boobs. Making it seem like they always have an invisible bra on
"OMG Tiffany i got an Inviso - Bra at myrtle beach last weekend. hope my boyfriend wont mind"
by RachelO April 29, 2009
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