A guy or girl who is only attractive on the internet, thanks in large part to photo editing software and high-pixelation."

A girl looks amazing in her facebook or myspace photos. When you see her in person, she's fugly.
Of course, can work for guys too.

Attractive when interactive, unattractive in reality.
"That guy's totally intractive. He looks hot in his profile, but I've seen him in person and he looks nothing like that."
by TIMOG December 1, 2009
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Hard to control or deal with.
*Synonyms: unmanageable, uncontrollable, out of control, out of hand, impossible to cope with
Additional security was called for when the crowd became intractable.
by TheDon137 March 16, 2016
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word I made up in 1991 mixing the words: Interested, Interactive, attractive, interesting, etc. in my song, "Heartbeat In The Corner. I just like the way it rang, fit, sounded in my song so I kept it.
I like the way you're very Intractive
Extracting your place
Pleasing me in many ways
by towilmusic March 15, 2020
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