The Competitive acting section of Speech and Debate. It's neither speech nor debate, but it doesn't matter because it's a damn good time.
Who the fuck invited Interp to the party?" "I don't know, but he brought cocaine. BOOYAH!
by Fivefjaklsd;jfa November 17, 2010
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people who are bored with their friends and find new ones from all over the world online on 40% of the guys are creeps and 40% of the girls are fake. but the rest are outgoing and open minded people who are looking for cultural exchange.
I just rejoined interpals today. Once interpallie always interpallie.

We're interpallies and we're proud of it!
by Ipallie September 22, 2011
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Finding yourself ass over teakettle for someone after reading their blog, Twitter feed, Facebook timeline, etc. Of course, you've never met this person in the flesh, and they may or may not even know you exist.
Don't be to hard on Manti Teʻo. He just got Interpated.
by nunya42 February 15, 2013
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(this is aimed at people who have latered interp from default)

The size of your penis measured in mm
"damn interper"
by Coldy August 03, 2003
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presenting a cutting from a book, most commonly a piece about war, death, sadness, or disease in a competition setting
yeah dramatic interp is the best foernsics event there is! dont even try to tell me debate is better than dramatic interp...
by la'fawn'da February 12, 2009
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fu dan u interping homosexual imho u never hit his head blood was half a mile off him so fu die cfg hacks
by Chris ownij Cutts February 03, 2003
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