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If you came to my

house, came inside, and said 'I'm going to rape

your dog,' I would tell you to get the **** out,

and then I would force you, because being in a

'free country' doesn't mean you can ****

around on someone else's property
grimlen: 1st amendment!
ReySquared: and freedom of speech does not

apply ^_^
Wufei: doesn't apply on the internet
grimlen: psh
ReySquared: you can say what you want, but

not here. :3
grimlen: yes it does!! Internet is a form of the

Wufei: if the laws of the constitution applied to

the internet
Wufei: we'd have a lot of libel/slander cases in

the courts
grimlen: itsamerica, its gonna happen
grimlen: if u ban us, we will come back!!
ReySquared: The internet is not a form of the

press, and this server is somebody's property.

That means that whatever you do, you have to

abide by whatever stipulations the host makes.
grimlen: YES it is, it is available to the publc!!! A

you sukc
ReySquared: No, it isn't. The first ammendment

applies to the government, you can't take a

person on the street to court for violating your

first ammendment rights.


Wufei: Rey
Wufei: publish it xD
Wufei: define it under Internet Law

This definition coined by ReySquared, Urban Dictionary editor
by LordWufei May 05, 2009
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