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A person who searches the Internet for things that they like, comments on them in a positive way, and praises people for posting things that the fairy likes. An Internet fairy is the opposite of an Internet troll.
An Internet fairy totally bombarded my Facebook post with enthusiastic and uplifting comments
by @Affectrovert June 03, 2015
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The magical powers that define when and if your internet will work for no logical reason. They are occasionally wooed by begging and/or excessive force to computer equipment (although the latter can also upset them beyond reconciliation).
I spent three hours trying to connect to Comcast and then suddenly the Internet Fairies smiled upon me.
by HCGATOR07 April 17, 2011
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An internet fairy is similar to the troll in that an individual anonomously pokes fun at unsuspecting individuals online. The distinction between the two can be made by the cute and endearing nature of the faerie that is practically harmless in nature.

internet fairies practice fairy-ing
"My entire blog was COVERED with animated kittens! when I woke up this morning"

"Must have been an internet fairy".
by playafaerie February 27, 2012
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