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To 'RP' ( Roleplay) using text/voice
You : *he slowly raises his hand* Ma'am, may I have more time?
Ma'am : -gives him the bird- nope
You: You fucking suck at Internet Roleplaying
Ma'am: at least I ain't a weaboo
by REDDerps Ashy May 16, 2015
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Internet Rolelplay is where people act out scenarios online. These can be sexual or nonsexual, and people can act as other ages. Anyone of any age can do this, but its weird when a prepubescent male or female wants to roleplay something sexual.
Amy: I really want to do an internet roleplay but I don't want to do pictures.
by MasochismQueen March 23, 2016
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When a person makes up a story to act to using text or voice over the Internet.

The people taking part may have different roles in the play.

This roleplay could take place in any suitable game platform as long as it had a chat function. You see a lot of roleplay in ROBLOX games, for example.
Before the roleplay: Actor 1: Let's do a internet roleplay.

Actor 1: James is playing on the field!
Actor 2: Don't worry - he does not deserve attention. He gets enough from his other friends.
Actor 1: Anyway, I am going to see him. I don't really care
Actor 2: Bye...
Actor 2: Guess I am left on my own. I made the wrong choice.
by danbdefin April 02, 2019
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