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An album by Green Day that is compiled of their greatest hits - Came out in 2001 - includes hits "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), Longview, and When i Come Around - Doesn't include American Idiot Songs because that album wasen't out then - songs off their albums: Dookie, Nimrod, Isomniac, Warning,
I didn't want to buy all of Green Day's CD's, so I bought International Superhits! so I could listen to their best old songs.
by Doug April 10, 2005
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kick-ass CD by Green day that features most of their greatest hits from 1994-2001, such as Basket case, Welcome to paradise, time of your life and Warning. Sadly, the released songs from Shenanigans and American idiot can't be on there coz they weren't even written when this album came out. It also features three new songs and has a homosexual-ish album cover, but I don't give a shit.
Person: Oi, which green day album should I buy with my pocket money? Coz I like Nimrod but Dookie has more famous songs.
Moi: Buy the international superhits album, it has their best songs
by Sir Mike Rotch III January 23, 2005
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