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Place were kids piss in the fryer and goose the gym teacher stuffs stocks in his crotch. Its a Rat and mold infested school, made up of 80% "thug"/prep, and 20% freaks. Half of the girls are either preganent, contracted some sort of disease or gay/bisexual. Kids come to school intoxicated, high, or sniff coke in the bathroom. 75% of the students/facualty are addicated to cigarettes, alcohol, or some other illegal substance. Or they cut their wrist (and they think is cool)
drunkard waste of air, expect for ms. pat the cookie lady
by John April 16, 2005
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everything is right about Katie's definition, but has the percentages wrong.
80% Wigger/Prep
5% Pregnant
15% Mall Goth(like Katie)
and all fit into a combination of the following categories:
pot smokers/ciggarette addicted
drunkard wastes of air
addicted to other illegal substances
or they cut themselves(and think it's so cool)
there's no need for one.
by NightShade November 12, 2004
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