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An instaguru is an instant-guru, someone who lacks the expertise to succeed in a given profession, so instead they give the appearance of success through social media (including Instagram) and build a career in coaching and training others to succeed in the field they could never succeed in.

It's a bit like instamash, but with instamash potato you just need to add hot water, and with an instaguru you just need hot air.

It sounds off because it is. Their victims end up paying for courses that send them in all the wrong directions, because, after all, it's a bit hard to teach someone how to do something you can't do yourself. They are also known for engaging in other dubious behaviour, such as dodging taxes, helping themselves to any funds they acquire access to, or paying 'colleagues' late or not at all when outsourcing.

Instagurus have been known to exhibit multiple narcissistic traits in many cases, appearing to convince themselves and the world they are doing good until they eventually get too greedy and risk exposure. They will exhibit narcissistic rage and in many cases seek to actively discredit and destroy anyone who tries to lift the lid on their scam or expose their incompetence.

Instagurus are rampant in a number of industries, particularly freelance professions, including online marketing, copywriting, translation, and design.
"I can't stand instagurus. I wish they'd work on their skills before ripping off their peers!"

"Just saw Jonnie is offering a course on how to win direct clients, except he's yet to win any himself - what an instaguru."

"There are so many instagurus out there, ripping off newbies. Talentless vampires."
by absolutelydiabolical November 01, 2017
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